Epoch Protocol - Overview

Intent Centric Aggregation Middle Layer for Web3


Web3 is very fragmented right now, all the funds are scattered across chains, all the dApps offer different rates on different chains, bridging takes forever and everything is extremely complicated, involves multiple steps and UX is not for beginners.

Multiple rollups, will add more to the problem, and fragment the UX and liquidity even further.

Our solution

Epoch Protocol is an intent-centric aggregation layer for web3, that not only brings the fragmentation of web3 to a stop but also lets users and dApps do so much more.

With Epoch Protocol, users, and dApps can give their intentions and leave them to multiple purpose-specific intent solvers within Epoch Network to find the right assets, find the right protocols, and find the best way to achieve the desired state without users having to worry about finding the right network, right conditions and gas tokens.

Epoch Protocol also allows users to express their intent to wait for certain conditions to be met and execute their intents. This brings a whole new set of possibilities where user can describe their long-term intentions and be on their way to touch some grass!!

Unique Approach and Features:

  1. A Complete Middle Layer for Aggregation: Epoch Protocol is a complete middle layer having Intent Solvers, AI Observers, Transaction Bundlers, and Smart Accounts, that allows dapp and users to interact with web3 in a complete chain aggregated and abstracted way.

  2. Multiple Purpose-Specific Intent Solvers: Multiple intent solvers solve for the desired state and the final solution from each node is compared with other nodes's solutions to ensure that the user gets the best solution all the time.

  3. Observers: Epoch Protocol has pluggable observers that can constantly monitor the chain to see if desired conditions are met for the intention to be executed.

  4. Liquidity Pools for bridging: Epoch Liquidity Pools is a unique approach to bridging funds, where we as an intent and aggregation layer take on risks of bridging assets and give users their assets instantly on the destination chain and take the assets to be bridged from users on a different chain.

  5. Account Abstraction Power: Epoch Protocol's use of Account Abstraction unlocks advanced transaction automation, self-custody of funds, and more flexibility over when a transaction is being executed

  6. Pluggable for All: Be it users, DeFi protocols, or organizations, Epoch Protocol provides a pluggable solution to cater to diverse needs in the Web3 ecosystem.

  7. On-Chain Verification: Epoch adds an extra layer of security with on-chain verification, ensuring transactions meet the conditions before execution.

  8. SAFE Module Integration: Seamlessly use SAFE vault actions, automate and/or intentify use of funds.

What can be done with Epoch right now -

  1. Automating all sorts of transactions, across any dapp in web3 using SAFE smart accounts.

  2. Recording/Getting intentions from dApps using wallet connect and transaction hashes.

  3. Setting different on-chain triggers.

  4. Deploying SAFE smart accounts.

  5. Gassless transactions.

What's coming next -

  1. On-chain verification of conditions.

  2. Network of aggregated intent solvers to find the best solution for intentions.

  3. Epoch Liquidity Pools for instant user-facing briding of funds.

  4. Epoch Registry to allow updating context for the future transactions.

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