Schedule ETH Transfer on Event Trigger

Initialise the Bundler Instance and Account API Instance.

Make sure you have the ETH you want to schedule in your SC Wallet Address.

Transferring ETH if Proposal statusCode is equal to 2 in the example below.

import { BigNumber } from "ethers";
import { encodeFunctionData, parseUnits } from "viem";

const unsignedUserOp = await walletAPI.createUnsignedUserOp({
  target: recipientAddressForETH,
  data: "0x",
  maxFeePerGas: BigNumber.from("90000000000"), // average value for the token transfer
  maxPriorityFeePerGas: BigNumber.from("1500000000"), // average value for the token transfer
  gasLimit: BigNumber.from("2000320"), // average value for the token transfer
  value: 1000000n, // Transfering ETH to recipient

const newUserOp: any = {
  sender: await unsignedUserOp.sender,
  nonce: await unsignedUserOp.nonce,
  initCode: await unsignedUserOp.initCode,
  callData: await unsignedUserOp.callData,
  callGasLimit: await unsignedUserOp.callGasLimit,
  verificationGasLimit: await unsignedUserOp.verificationGasLimit,
  preVerificationGas: await unsignedUserOp.preVerificationGas,
  maxFeePerGas: await unsignedUserOp.maxFeePerGas,
  maxPriorityFeePerGas: await unsignedUserOp.maxPriorityFeePerGas,
  paymasterAndData: await unsignedUserOp.paymasterAndData,
  signature: await unsignedUserOp.signature,

const key = await bundler.getValidNonceKey(newUserOp);
const nonce = await walletAPI.getNonce(key);
newUserOp.nonce = nonce;

const signedUserOp = await walletAPI.signUserOp(newUserOp);

const advancedOp = {
  advancedUserOperation: {
    triggerEvent: {
      contractAddress: propsalContractAddress,
      eventSignature: "event ProposalResult(address indexed recipient, uint statusCode);",
      evaluationStatement: ":statusCode: == 2",

const userOpHash = await bundler.sendUserOpToBundler(advancedOp);

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