Reporting a bug and common fixes

If you face any issues while trying to use Epoch Protocol, here is how you can report the bug and try some common fixes

There are some common issue that you may face while using Epoch Protocol, here are some common fixes that you can try out.

WalletConnect not working or facing some issue?

In case of any problem related to recording of transaction or connecting with dapp using WalletConnect, try clearing cache and cookies of "Epoch Protocol" app and the dapp which you want to use.

Issues with network switching in dapp?

If you ever face some issue when you try to switch network in Epoch Protocol dapp

  1. First disconnect the WalletConnect dapp from Epoch protocol and dapp side.

  2. Optionally: You can clear cache and cookies for both Epoch protocol and dApp.

  3. Once Epoch Protocol and dApp are both disconnected from each other, switch the network in Epoch protocol which you want to use in the respective dApp.

  4. Go back to dApp and again connect it to Epoch protocol using WalletConnect.

Approve token is required to create an automated workflow?

Sometimes, you may want to start a new automated workflow in which the dapp that you want to use asks you to approve the token first before you can do any other transaction. In cases like this, record the "approve token transaction" from that dapp and use "Execute Now" to approve the token immediately. Once token is approved you can go ahead and record the next transaction in your workflow.

Reporting a bug

If you face any other bugs, we encourage you to report the bug using our discord.

Head over to #report-a-bug channel in our Discord: and let any of the @Admins or @dev roles know about the bug that you are facing.

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