Head over to https://app.epochprotocol.xyz to use Epoch Protocol.

We are currently in Beta, so first check if your wallet is whitelisted or not by simply connecting your metamask wallet to the app.

Follow the below video to onboard to Epoch Protocol or read the steps below

  1. Step 1: Find "Connect Wallet" button on the header, and connect your desired wallet to the Epoch Protocol.

  2. Step 2: This is optional for now since we have enabled paymaster in most of the chains, send some Gas tokens to the Account Abstraction enabled Smart wallet to cover transaction fee.

  3. Step 3: Just click on "Deploy" to deploy your AA wallet, this is a one time thing for each chain.

  4. Step 4: Send any other tokens (like USDT, DAI, etc) that you want to use with Epoch Protocol or any other dapp.

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