Epoch Bundler

Epoch Bundler is Compliant with ERC-4337 Spec tests, but it also adds additional functionalities.

You can find all the default bundler RPC endpoints here.

Additional Endpoints in Epoch's Bundler Implementation


This method works as it does in a normal bundler, but also accepts some additional parameters.

This includes advancedUserOperation - This includes triggers and evaluation statement.


This RPC endpoint returns a list of transactions with bundler that are supposed to be executed in the future.

It simply takes user's smart contract wallet address as a parameter and returns a list of queued Userops.


     method: "eth_getUserOperations",
     params: [


    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "id": 1,
    "result": [
            "chainId": "0x13881",
            "userOp": {
                "sender": "0x037241C85415fcC94D830d972bBec26e079165Aa",
                "nonce": "0xc6168aeedaeb650000000000000000",
                "initCode": "0x",
                "callData": "0xb61d27f60000...0000000000000",
                "callGasLimit": "0x16e4a0",
                "verificationGasLimit": "0x186a0",
                "preVerificationGas": "0xb47c",
                "maxFeePerGas": "0x59682f20",
                "maxPriorityFeePerGas": "0x59682f00",
                "paymasterAndData": "0x",
                "signature": "0xf28148f085d947222...21bd7818ef1e94c7411b",
                "advancedUserOperation": {
                    "triggerEvent": {
                        "contractAddress": "0xBfa045514a...1E087AE82e3",
                        "eventSignature": "event Sync(uint112 reserve0, uint112 reserve1);",
                        "evaluationStatement": ":reserve1: / :reserve0: >= 9"
            "entryPoint": "0x5FF137D4b0FDCD49DcA30c7CF57E578a026d2789",
            "prefund": "0x0",
            "userOpHash": "0xc61060d21d9719...79de49ab3d3827f5",
            "lastUpdatedTime": "0x18c917978fb"


This RPC endpoint will delete from the queue the userop with the same nonce as the one received in the body of this request.

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